2016 Tee Ball Draft Policy

Updated Thursday February 18, 2016 by JCYB.

  • JCYB Tee Ball Division is for 5 & 6 year old players ONLY
  • Tee Ball Team selections will be a computer generated selection process.
  • Head Coaches will have the option of 1 assistant coach that must be approved by JCYB board of directors within 48hrs of the scheduled computer generated selection process.
  • All returning players will go back to their team from the prior year unless a formal written request is submitted to go back into the draft. Note: Unless requested differently, children/ players of Managers/ Head Coaches will automatically be placed on their team. Siblings will also be placed together, unless requested differently. Both will be selected according to the following guidelines.
    • Those player/players will represent the 1st and/ or 1st and 2nd picks for their team in their respective age group.
    • If they are of different ages, they will represent the 1st selection for their team in their respective age group.
  • Each team will be selected initially to meet the minimum player requirement of 12 players per team.
  • In the attempt to keep parody within the division no team will have more than 6 players of the same age group on one team.