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When does the 2018 season start?  How long does it run?


Jan 1:  Online registration opens
Jan 28: Walk Up Registration, 2-4pm @ Zaxby's
Feb 02: Walk Up Registration, 6-8pm Location TBD
Feb 17:  Walk up Registration, 12-2pm @ Jess Co Public Library (Davis Room)
Feb 19:  Manager (Head Coach) registration deadline
Feb 22:  Online registration closes
Feb 24:  Player assessments at Champions. (Please see info on registration receipt)
Mar 4:  Player draft (this is for Coaches only)
Mar 5-11:  Players contacted by coach / practices begin
Apr 14:  Opening Day
Jun 2:  Last day of the regular season
Jun 3:  Tournament play begins
Jun 8:  Closing ceremonies / Championship games

What night will my child practice/play?

Practices: date and times are left up to coaches who work with the league and their own schedules for available field time.  Most teams in the Rookie, Minor and Major Divisions will practice/play 3 nights a week.  In TBall, most coaches usually practice/play 2-3 nights a week and Wee Ball is limited to 1 practice and 1 game per week.

Games:  teams play 1 night during the week (either Monday, Tuesday or Thursday) and 1 game on Saturday morning or early afternoon.   However with baseball being a spring sport, the weather plays a big part in our scheduling.  Make-up games will be played when possible (including Wednesday and Friday nights).  We try to avoid Sunday afternoons for make-up dates, but is sometimes unavoidable.  

How much does it cost?
$50-$100 depending on division, plus fundraising

Do you offer a sibling discount?
Yes, full price for the first child, $10 off for child #2, $20 off for child #3 and so on

How can I register?
You can register through the website, here. You can also follow our Facebook to see where we'll be holding walk-up registrations.

I want to coach/volunteer, what do I do?
You can reigster online to do so, or fill out the coaching application below and turn it in at one of the walk-up registration. All Managers are REQUIRED to obtain Level 1 Cal Ripken certification. More information can be found at the link below: Cal Ripken Coaches Certification

Can I coach a specific team?
Any previously listed assistant coach of a team (pending JCYB boardvapproval) will have first option of a team if a Manager position becomes available.  All other Manager positions will be filled by blind draw.

Why does it cost so much / where does all the money go?
Here is our profit & loss report for 2017. Most are surprised to see just how expensive it is for the league to operate.

What equipment does JCYB provide?
We provide 1 hat and 1 jersey to each player. We also provide catching equipment, protective head gear for pitchers, tees, game balls, and score books for each team.

What color belt / pants / socks do I need to buy?
This is determined by the coach, you should await word from him before buying any of these items.

What kind of bat do I need to buy?
JCYB and Cal Ripken follow the USA Bat Standards. Please click here for the USA Approved Bat List.

Can my child / grandchild be placed on specifc team?
For wee ball and tee ball please note any requests when registering, though we cannot gurantee they'll placed on that team. For rookie, minor, and major all  teams are drafted by a coach after being assessed.  Siblings are the only children guaranteed to be placed on the same team.

What size jersey should I get my child / grandchild?
Please refer to the following size chart:


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