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Updated Tuesday January 30, 2018 by Jessamine County Youth Baseball.

Registration for the 2018 Spring season will open on January 1 and close at midnight February 22.


As a parent/guardian you want to have all the information you can about the commitment you are making to our league.  This page contains answers to commonly asked questions about JCYB and how we operate with regard to our leagues, ages, pricing and season timeline.  If you have suggestions please contact us



Jan 1:  Online registration opens

Jan 28: Walk Up Registration, 2-4pm @ Zaxby's
Feb 02: Walk Up Registration, 6-8pm @ Zaxby's
Feb 17:  Walk up Registration, 12-2pm @ Jess Co Public Library (Davis Room)

Feb 19:  Manager (Head Coach) registration deadline

Feb 22:  Online registration closes

Feb 24:  Player assessments at Champions. (Please see info on registration receipt)

Mar 4:  Player draft (this is for Coaches only)

Mar 5-11:  Players contacted by coach / practices begin

Apr 14:  Opening Day

Jun 2:  Last day of the regular season

Jun 3:  Tournament play begins

Jun 8:  Closing ceremonies / Championship games

Age & Pricing Chart (as of Spring 2018)

League Wee Ball Tball Rookie Minor Major
**Age: 4 5-6 7-8 9-11 9-12
*Price: $50* $100* $100* $100* $100*

* Each player is required to participate in our fundraising.  At the time of registration, you will pay for 5 spirit cards ($50), that you can then in return sell for $10 each and recoup your money.  Cards should be handed out the first week of practices.
** League eligibility is determined by child's age as of April 30, 2018

*** Multi Sibling Discount (full price for child #1, $10 off for child #2, $20 off for child #3 and so on)


League Descriptions

Major: The most experienced level of Cal Ripken Baseball, primarily made up of 11 and 12 year old players, however any 9 or 10 year old is welcome to come be assessed to play in the Major Division. Cal Ripken Baseball is played under the Official Baseball Rules, but implements some special rules as necessary for the development and welfare of this young age group. The game is played on 70ft base paths with a pitching distance of 50ft.  Regulation games consist of six innings or a time limit as defined in the rules.  Leading off and Base stealing is allowed in this division

Minor: This league is primarily for 9 and 10 year olds playing kid pitch. This division features 60ft base paths and a pitching distance of 46 ft. Among teammates of their own age and experience level, players continue building and refining their fundamental skills while they begin to understand game strategy.  No lead off or base still is allowed in this division until the ball crossed home plate.

Rookie: Designed primarily for 7 and 8 year olds. Dr. Robert Brown, former president of the American League formulated the concept of the Rookie League. Babe Ruth League quickly embraced this and established the rookie league as a division. The program receives high praise from coaches, players, parents, and league officials. The rookie league is an excellent way to continue teaching the fundamentals of the game and building player confidence. In this division coaches pitch to players from a distance of 35 ft. 

TBall: A program for 5 - 6 year olds to teach the fundamentals of hitting and fielding. All batters will hit the ball from a batting tee which is adjusted to a height that allows the batter to swing level. All rostered players present for the game bat in order and play defensively. An adult coach is stationed beyond the infielders in order to provide instruction to all defensive players. The primary goal is to begin to instruct young players in the fundamentals of baseball in a supportive team environment.  Score and standings are kept in the TBall division.

Wee Ball:  A purely instructional league.  All players bat and play defense in this division while learning the basic fundamental skills of hitting, fielding and running the bases in a fun supportive team environment. Wee ball is limited to 1 game and 1 practice per week.  Score nor standings are kept in Wee Ball.


Days and times for practices and games

A common question we get a lot.  What night will my child practice and what days are games on? 

Practices: date and times are left up to coaches who work with the league and their own schedules for available field time.  Most teams in the Rookie, Minor and Major Divisions will practice/play 3 nights a week.  In TBall, most coaches usually practice/play 2-3 nights a week and Wee Ball is limited to 1 practice and 1 game per week.

Games:  teams play 1 night during the week (either Monday, Tuesday or Thursday) and 1 game on Saturday morning or early afternoon.   However with baseball being a spring sport, the weather plays a big part in our scheduling.  Make-up games will be played when possible (including Wednesday and Friday nights).  We try to avoid Sunday afternoons for make-up dates, but is sometimes unavoidable.  


Playing up

Playing up is only allowed for the Rookie (6 year olds) and Major Divisions (9/10).  If you choose to have your child accessed to play up a division please make note of it on your registration.  If you wish your child to play up you must attend assessments.  If your child is not drafted by a rookie or major coach, they will be placed back into the TBall or Minor division. 


Equipment & Uniforms

Uniform:  When you register your child the items he/she will receive are 1 Hat and 1 Jersey. What about pants, belts and socks? When teams are formed the coach or team mom will meet with parents the first practice and decide on sock color, belt color, pant color, etc. Once the decision has been made the coach or team mom will get prices from local shops/stores then decide if they want to do a bulk order. Sometimes you can save a little money on the cost of these items doing it this way. On the other hand sometimes you can get a better deal purchasing yourself. Regardless of how it works out you'll have the information needed to make the purchase.

Equipment:  We want all the kids to be safe on the baseball field so they can enjoy the game. That being said JCYB provides each team with a limited number of batting helmets and catching equipment (if needed). The only required item for your child is a glove.  Other optional items include a bat, cleats, batting gloves, helmet and bat bag.  If you plan on buying a bat, waiting to the first practice and talking to a coach is always a great option.  New this year, Cal Ripken and JCYB have adopted the new USA Bat Standards effective January, 1 2018.  If you plan to purchase a bat, please educate yourself on these new rules.  We have attached a link for you to further research legal bats.